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07 November 2015 @ 10:07 pm
My posts are visible to friends only so if you really want to download the videos, add me first. I accept every friend request as long as you do not share or reupload my videos elsewhere.
And it's recommended compulsory that you leave a comment here.
I'm sorry if I might have overlooked your friend request, so if I don't add you back within a week, just drop a message to remind me :D

Attention: Some people kindly sent me private message to ask to befriend me but forgot to hit ADD FRIEND button. Please add me first. I don't want to be mean but I want to be added first :P
And since some people with empty livejournal added me without saying anything, I had to do the investigation or inbox them and I am too tired now, so I decided that a short introduction about yourself is COMPULSORY from now on.

To make it clear, I don't know Japanese. I am just lucky to have a super kind Japanese friend who would be willing to translate any magazine articles or videos I give her. But I don't want to bother her much, so as you can see, I only sub short videos and show extracts. And due to the same reason, I cannot take sub requests. Hope you understand.

I. TV shows and Interviews
1. Ohayou Kouro ABC (27/10/2015)
2. Grasshopper Stage Greetings x 3
3. Zumusata (31/10/2015)
4. THIS IS MJ: MJ vs IT (7/11/2015)
5. Asadesu (6/11/2015)
6. Nino-san (15/11/2015)
7. Mezado (7/11/2015)
8. Shimura Doubutsuen (6/6/2015)
9. Pittanko Kankan (6/2/2015):   Part 1   Part 2
10. Himitsu Press Meeting (12/5/2016)
11. Vamp Bamboo Burn Press Meeting (9/6/2016)
12. Mahou no Resutoran (27/10/2014)
13. ENT (16/6/2015)
14. Asakore (15/7/2016)
15. Sugiru TV (4/7/2016)
16. Zoom! Saturday (6/8/2016)
17. King's Brunch (6/8/2016)
18. Waratte Koraete (30/1/2013)
19. ZIP (26/8/2016)
20. Gout temps nouveau (30/11/2011)

1. Bath Roman 2015
2. Sumiwataru 2015
3. Shinken Zemi 1997
4. ACUO Gum 2010
5. Bath Roman (2011?)
6. at home 2012

1. Himitsu THE TOP SECRET teaser
2. Himitsu THE TOP SECRET trailer
3. Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa teaser
4. Himitsu THE TOP SECRET teaser SP

IV. Video messages
1. Christmas 2015
2. New Year 2016

V. Music Perf
1. Sekaijuu no dare yori kitto (with Kota Yabu)

VI. Short clips (misc.)
1. Toma's letter to Nino (1997)
2. TOKIO Kakeru Cut - Shun on Toma
3. Yamapi's letter to Toma (1997)
4. Tomapi throwback #1
5. Toma in 24hr TV
6. Chibi Toma plays guitar
7. When Ramu met Toma
8. Kimukuta phonecall
9. Toma's gyoza
10. Osozaki no Himawari NG
11. Jun-kun x Touko-chan
12. Nino-san opening (7/2016)

VII. Magazine Translation
1. WITH (7/2015):  Translation   Scanlation
2. Cinema ★ Cinema (5/2015):   Translation   Scanlation
3. TV FanCross (12/2014): Translation Scanlation
4. Cinema Square Vol.32/2010: Translation
5. Seventeen (1/2008)
6. anan (11/2015): Scanlation
7. TV Life Premium (10/2015):   Scanlation

Notice: I really love the concept of Scanlation like those projects of Tomalicious, so I would really appreciate it if someone could help me edit the original scans and turn them into beautiful scanlations :3
Please contact me if you want to join. A big welcome :)
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18 April 2017 @ 09:04 pm
At first I didn't really give a damn about the idea of moving to Dreamwidth. I don't know what's going on exactly. I just saw many people moving there. So the other day, I decided to visit Dreamwidth and saw how it works. To my surprise, it allows us to import everything (posts, privacy setting, contacts...) from LJ. So it seems like I don't have to spend any effort building everything from scratches.
So here is my new house. Tadaa!
Having said that, I still keep my "headquarters" here at LJ and try to update my twin site at Dreamwidth at the same time. Don't worry, guys. Toma's precious files are still safe! ;)

01 September 2016 @ 12:23 pm
This is a belated birthday gift for Jun-kun.
These two are always perfect together <3

26 August 2016 @ 12:07 pm
A special teaser has just been released this morning on the movie's official website. Take a look now ;)
You can watch it from Youtube here.

The theme is: "A cruel yet beautiful secret", so it looks something like this. Maki is sooo beautiful !!! <3

11 August 2016 @ 10:47 pm
Sorry, it took me nearly a week to post this (Actually I tried to wait, wait a little longer for more details on the events, but I guess, hmm, that's pretty much everything). I dunno why but the event drew less attention than I expected, and the box office ranking isn't very impressive up to now :( According to eiga.com, Himitsu is currently sitting at No.6 and the rating pissed me off. You should probably see why later.

That's all the bad news. And tadaa, here comes the joyful part:
First is the summary of the kawaii opening event for Himitsu THE TOP SECRET, as collected and translated from some online articles.

Toma's first words to the audiences were: "Why on earth are you coming to see this movie instead of watching Olympic opening ceremony?!"
He added, "Personally, I root for Neko Hiroshi-san, who represents Cambodian marathon team. My top secret is that I root for Neko Hiroshi-san!! Nya~ ”
(Note: Neko Hiroshi is a Japanese comedian. He’s got Cambodian nationality in order to take part in Olympic Games’ marathon).

Question: "Whose brain do you want to look into?"
Toma's answer: " Artists. I want to know how they create their works. I like Yokoo Tadanori's paintings, and want to know the process by which his paintings were born."

Tori wanted to look into a mangaka’s brain and if allowed, he would like to see Inoue Takehiko’s (Author of Slam Dunk, Vagabond…).

Kuriyama Chiaki, who appeared in a sexy long black dress, said that she was curious about handsome men's brain (i.e, their thoughts).

                        She is damn sexy!!

Omori Nao told the audience that he wanted to be Ikuta Toma so that girls go “kya!” at him.

Lisa Oda asked if it was OK to not see human’s brain. Then she confessed she had always wanted to look inside a dog’s head, to see if what she said made any sense to them.

About the movie, director Otomo said: "Ikuta-kun and other actors had performed with all their might”.
He proudly said: "You can enjoy this movie in many ways."

(Source: news.walkerplus.com; cinema.ne.jp)

For live footages of the event, please visit this Youtube channel. Please note that no online reupload is allowed. No linking is hard but refrain from sharing the links in public posts. At least that's what I do.
If you are still confused after watching those clips, then basically, the highlights are:

  • Himitsu team root for Neko Hiroshi athlete and they all went "nya~" (=^.^=)

  • Tori is air-headed and forgot his wallet when eating out with Toma and Masaki and had to borrow money from the two xD

  • Okada Masaki tasted the special ingredient inside the barrel and it turned out to be honeydew. Yeah you can tell, they use a pun employing "Himitsu" (secret) and "Hachimitsu" (honey).

Some of my favorite angles (Look at his cute hair!! Look at those perms :)))

The second thing that may make you smile to your heart's content is that an avid fan of Asian movies has returned from Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada last month and published a review on Himitsu here. Then it's reasonable to set high expectations for this movie. But after seeing the low rating on eiga.com, I was upset and well, angry. It can't be that bad, man!
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06 August 2016 @ 10:22 pm
I've bookmarked this official website of the movie and I must say I love its web design so much: elegant and tender <3
Today the site revealed some new pictures and a short teaser. Although characters haven't appeared in this clip yet, I find it so cute that I decided to sub it right off ^^ You can watch it online HERE.
Some pictures that I crop from the website (Toma's even more feminine than me or all of us combined LOL)

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29 July 2016 @ 09:39 pm
Well, I don't know but I find myself watching too much Chibi Toma these days :)))
How weird I used to think he looked uncharming in his teens (sorry, am I too blunt? T___T)
But now I love this little Touko-chan and this chubby Toma in glasses ^^

Fair enough,  I should dedicate these days to bringing back memories of Chibi Toma, through these two things:
1) Jun-kun x Touko-chan lovey dovey teenage story :)))
Still confused as of what I'm trying to say? Simple! Just watch this (and don't forget to tell me how you feel ;)

2) Toma advertising a type of toy-accessory for kids on a kid magazine (probably??)
Lemme tell you, I can watch this pic a hundred times without getting bored. And actually, a finger ring watch is what I ever wanted as a kid too! And what? Doraemon watch? Shut up and take my money $__$

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26 July 2016 @ 08:01 pm
I guess this is not such a big event because only Toma and Masaki were present. But this one is pretty interesting in many ways.
Read on and find out ;)

Date: 25/7/2016
Starring: Ikuta Toma, Okada Masaki
Guest: Tony Jean (known as "mindhacker", which means he can read people's mind)
- Tony guessed the name of Toma's first love just out of some yes/no questions. It turned out that Toma's hatsukoi is Itou Naomi-san, a classmate of his from primary school.
Toma then remembered: "When I was in elementary school, I ran in the corridor and tumbled down. My knee was bleeding. Then she hurriedly came to me and stopped the bleeding with her handkerchief.
Afterwards, she took me to a faucet and washed my leg....I can't help falling love with her".
Watch the video Here

- Okada Masaki admitted sweating a lot during public events like this. Toma took the handkerchief from Masaki and wiped the sweat on the latter's face (with a very mischievous smile :)))
Watch the video Here

I will upload videos with better quality if I get hold of such.
I have so much to say about this surprising revelation of Toma but I guess I should leave the comment part to you ;)
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11 May 2016 @ 11:09 am

Hi all,

As I said in an earlier post, I deleted my Akihabara@DEEP photos by accident and since then I haven't been in good mood and neither can I say my mind is totally normal. I literally can't think straight anymore. I messed up and ONCE AGAIN, I DELETED ALL MY FOLDER CONTAINING RARE TOMA'S VIDEOS (which are no doubt my material for my subbing projects).

Frustrated, I am thinking of taking a big break at least in subbing videos. I still got a number of raw videos left and I was working on them, so I would release them between certain intervals. I hope you'll understand and excuse me for my terrible mistake.

Having said that, I am still finding ways to retrieve those (permanently deleted) files T__T

So give me some time to recover the files (if possible) or find and download those videos again.
FYI, those videos are mainly Ouroboros and Yokokuhan promo vids, related shows and some precious footage of Toma in Italy T__T

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10 May 2016 @ 09:44 pm
I wanna cry a river T____________T
I accidentally hit delete on the wrong folder and when I realized it, half of my screencaps of Akihabara@DEEP has gone. I know I shouldn't go fussy about it but I am in deep deep frustration.

Akihabara@DEEP is the first drama that I sersiouly took time to manually select my favorite scenes and categorize them neatly. It is my favorite drama too! I have been sitting in silence with a blank mind for a while now. What's left is this pain in my chest.

I guess I just gotta rebuild my screencap collection again. Stupid me, stupid me!!!!!!!!!
Or is there any miraculous software that helps revive deleted files? T_____________T

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